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Anonymous asked: Bonnie Bennett or Caroline Forbes.

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Alaric Saltzman Drabble Week

Like with Bonnie Bennett, you don’t see many drabbles or fanfictions revolving around Alaric, although he features in plenty of other fics as a secondary character, so this appreciation week is dedicated to writing fics and drabbles to celebrate our love for this rugged history teacher/vampire hunter. 

Like with the Bonnie Bennett Drabble Week (which is still ongoing, just remember to use the tag bbdw14 to tag your entries so I can reblog them), there is no time frame, just write up your drabbles and tag them as asdw14 so I can reblog all the entries. You can take part in a few or all of the days specified but you don’t have to do them in order, and you can make them platonic or romantic, it’s completely up to you, just note that the specified pairings listed aren’t necessarily romantically canon, they’re just whoever Alaric has interacted with on the show.

Day 1 Alaric x Jenna

Day 2 Alaric x Isobel

Day 3 Alaric x Damon

Day 4 Alaric x Elena

Day 5 Alaric x Jeremy 

Day 6 Alaric x Meredith

Day 7 Alaric x ? (use this day to either write solely about Alaric, or to write about a pairing which hasn’t already been mentioned, so can be AU, crack!ship, and anything else in between)

Even if you don’t take part, would really appreciate people spreading the word about this, and the Bonnie Bennett post as well which can be found here so that as many people as possible know about both events and can take part as they’re is no time limit, but would like some as soon as so that I know if I do more events like this people will respond and take part. 

Enjoy, have fun, and let’s give Mystic Falls’ finest history teacher all the recognition he deserves! 

Thanks guys! 

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favorite characters collection: Elena Gilbert. Vampire

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Elena’s different styles in her visions (5x18)

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"Oh you know, looking at the stars, listening to the Universe laugh at me"
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imagine though if there had been a parallel between this recent episode and 2x03, when Elena had turned back, her voice coated with sadness, locking her eyes with Damon’s, asking, “is this it then? Have I lost you forever?”

and he takes his time answering, because even he doesn’t know, and despite the fact he cannot stand to be around her because it hurts too damn much, he can’t quite say the words "yes, you have lost me forever" because he has been on the receiving end of those words, and he knows they hurt like a bitch. 

so he goes with, “I don’t know.”

in the end those words hurt more because there’s no definite answer there for her to take hope in, or for him to use as closure, and they just stand there for a moment, hurting, inexplicably devastated beyond words, and then she walks away

and he lets her, because he doesn’t know how to fight anymore, not when sometimes the biggest thing you have to fight against isn’t the universe, or destiny, or fate, but yourself. 

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I’ve been tagged!

  1. What is your favorite fictional species? -MERMAIDS tied closely with witches.
  2. The first book you ever read? - aside from the usual children’s books, the first one I vividly remember reading was an Enid Blyton book, so it would’ve been a Famous Five book, though the titles of those books escape my memory for the moment
  3. What kind of character do you get most invested in? - a character who is right from the get go relatable, if not necessarily good. I tend to find if a character has a trait or vice I have, or can relate to, I tend to be much more invested in them as a character, because I want to see how they develop that trait/vice, or how they conquer it - if at all. 
  4. You are given the power over life and death for one resurrection. Choose the world you will use it in. Choose the character you will bring back. And choose the character you will buy that life with - SO HARD. I guess the character I would bring back would be Charlie from Lost, because that death was always the one which hit me the hardest. I think it hit me hardest just because he was finally getting some needed character development, and I would’ve loved to have seen how he’d handled the challenges seasons 4, 5 and 6 brought. If I had to buy his life with anyone else’s in that world, I guess it would be Keamy, the character I most openly despised on that show.
  5. If you could interview one of your OTPs. What would you ask them? - I think the most recurring problem with all my OTPs is their lack of ability to communicate, and as such that’s how problems arise in their relationship, so I’d ask them why they don’t set aside time to talk more, and also I think it’d be really interesting to ask what they feel their own personal vices are, both as a couple and individually.
  6. Movies or TV? - TV
  7. You just fell out of a flying airplane without a parachute, but you have one genie’s wish and a 100 seconds to use it (but be careful, genies are tricky). What do you wish for? - as weird as it sounds, I wouldn’t wish for wings, or the apparation of a parachute, because knowing the context of the question the problem wouldn’t be solved just like that. I’d want a really fun landing, one that didn’t kill me, so I’d wish for the entire area I was about to land on to be something super soft, or bouncy, so that at least I could experience the thrill of the fall without the danger of dying.
  8. Books or fanficton? - books
  9. Your favorite place in the world? - it’s a place I haven’t even been to yet, and that’s Hawaii. But in terms of places I have been to, I guess it would be the Isle of Wight, which just has some incredible views and beautiful scenery.
  10. Is there an advise that you’d like to give to your younger self? - be more confident with who you are, don’t let people try and paint you to be someone you’re not, and just believe in yourself, because sometimes it’s going to appear like no one else does, but if you do, that’s all you need.
  11. If you found out you have magic, what’s the first spell you’d try? - a spell to retrieve objects because that would be so handy for someone as lazy as me lol
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every bump in the road Delena have faced, they’ve always driven round

every time they’ve broken up, they’ve reunited even stronger

every time they argue, lash out, or break each other, they develop, grow and move forward

every time they’ve seemingly ended, it’s only been another beginning

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 We’ve done our best to live on this island. Some of us have come to accept that we may never leave it.

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